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Criminal Defense

If and when you are accused of a crime, you need to retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The attorneys of Monterrey Law Firm will skillfully and vigorously protect your rights while candidly discussing your options with you and using their experience to formulate the best possible legal strategy to optimize your outcome. Having a skilled negotiator and trial attorney can mean the difference between harsh penalties and being acquitted or having the charges dropped.

While Monterrey Law Firm is headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas, our lawyers practice throughout the state, providing straightforward and assertive criminal defense. We handle all misdemeanors and felonies in both state and federal court. Throughout the duration of your case, we are with you every step of the way to advocate on your behalf and answer your questions.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Criminal cases we handle include, but are not limited to:

    • Traffic Tickets (from driving without a license to negligent homicide)
    • DWI/DUI (including underage drinking)
    • Drug-related Offenses (possession, conspiracy, and intent to distribute)
    • Immigration and Naturalization Crimes (including document fraud, providing fraudulent documents to employers, and being undocumented with a weapon)
    • Sexual Offenses
    • Homicide/Capital Murder
    • Violent Offenses (including assault and battery)

    Criminal Defense Attorneys Advocating for Immigrants

    If you are an immigrant, Monterrey Law Firm knows how being accused of a crime can affect your legal status. Even being arrested and put in jail is enough to possibly lead to deportation/removal, especially if you are undocumented. With these possibly severe consequences in mind, we strategize the best way to proceed with each client’s case and address their unique needs.